Mass planting to frame a focal point

Planting groups of similar plants can have a large impact on a scene in your garden railroad
1. The frame and matting gently guide our view inward and cause our eyes to pause to assimilate the story within. Likewise, the meadow of inch-tall star creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis ‘Mini Blue’, Zone 5-9) gives us an uninterrupted view, funneling us into the farmyard. The split-rail fence and five, lined-up apple trees (Cotoneaster microphyllus ‘Emerald Spray’, Zone 5-8) help frame the yard where Bubba is tending the horses.
Nancy Norris
The design principle of massed plantings in home landscaping is a relatively new concept but textural, green drifts and colorful swaths are now standard practice along highways to
mimic the countryside growth along roads. Simply put, massing is a group of like elements-more than three or four. Massing is impressive because of sheer numbers or weight, like a long freight train that makes us stop to count the cars or marvel at the pulling power of the engine. Then, curiosity draws us in to notice the components-in this case, the cars.

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