Filming your garden railway

Voice-overs add a lot to the pleasure of viewing
Members of the Ozark Garden Railway Society.
After several years of filming our Ozark Garden Railways Society’s member garden railroads, I’d done enough to group them on our website and YouTube for others (and especially family members) to view. These video groupings target the most common interests of large-scale garden railroaders. However, these individual 2-to-3-minute railroad videos are unique to each railroad because I use member’s “voice-overs” to tell their personal stories about their railroads.

Using the voice-over audio also helps the visuals flow and makes transitions smoother through the details of the railroads—trains, plants, buildings, dioramas, etc. It’s a good idea to include some country guitar music in the audio background behind, along with track sounds and whistles. This helps to make the story a nice movie.
In my opinion, the greatest impact of having your own personal video of your railroad is that it will be seen years later, perhaps at a time when the railroad has been abandoned or the family has moved.

Today, you can create this important memory on your iPhone or smart phone while the trains are still running. Your spouse, your kid, or grandkids can create it, too. Your personal railroad-movie story is waiting to be created. With simple iPhone editing and post-production applications you can also include your great still photos and railroad sounds. You can create the voice-overs while your grandkids film the railroad. Remote microphones are available from Amazon for less than $20. The editing applications make it easy to directly upload the finished recording to YouTube or Facebook, or make a DVD. All is possible at minimal cost and offers a great family-fun opportunity.

So get your grandkids involved NOW, as they will extend the “life” of the fun in your backyard as they grow up. Ask your family to give you your railroad movie for Christmas. SHARE your backyard adventure now and for future enjoyment and viewing.
Garden railroads created by families

Volume 1 (4)—13:26 :

Volume 2 (4)—13:52:

Railroads less than two years old (4)—11:49:

Railroads created by guys (4)—11:23:

Annual projects (4)—10:26:

OGRS member fun—5:27:


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