Scale figures from Fun & Games

Thirteen new figures in 1:20.3 scale
1:20.3-scale figures
Fun & Games
PO Box 243
Jefferson City MO 65102
Price: $12 each

Scale figures from the early 20th century; each available in two color schemes; several poses available; each figure fully painted and detailed

Pros: Wide selection of poses; different classes (i.e., blue collar, white collar); neatly painted in authentic colors; good facial expressions; most poses look pretty natural; two different color schemes for each figure; some supplied with tools

Cons: One or two poses look a little strained; some standing figures may need their feet sanded to stand up straight
Fun & Games has added 13 new figures in 1:20.3 scale to its already-extensive line of large-scale people. These include some who are apparently involved in the timber business, as they have axes or other logging tools; generic workers in work clothes; a couple of men who are evidently more well off, judging from their nicer clothing; and a couple of unclad ladies.

These figures were sculpted for Fun & Games by Paul Douglas and Ray Lantz. The masters were then sent to China, where molds were made and the figures reproduced in resin, then hand painted. The poses of most of the figures look quite natural, even the action poses. Proportions are generally good and the paint jobs are excellent on our review samples. As in real life, the figures are different sizes, but all seem to fit well together. All the men but one (a man with an axe) are wearing hats of different varieties—typical of the period. Facial expressions are, I felt, quite good. You can even read emotion in some of them.

Each figure is offered in two different color schemes. For instance, Cold Deck Boss (#GLOG16A & B) has red hair and is wearing a denim shirt and light-blue pants in one version, and has white hair and is wearing a red-and-white plaid shirt with denim pants in the other. This not only gives you a choice of colors but makes it possible to use the same figure in different parts of your railroad without evident repetition.

These are good renditions of typical figures that might be found on many of our turn-of-the-century railroads, and are welcome additions to the large-scale population. Fun & Games’ website may or may not be up to date when this magazine comes out.

If you’d like more information on these excellent figures, or to see photos of all of them, send an e-mail to


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