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Custom decals and stick-on vinyl transfers
Marc Horovitz
Custom decal service
Model Decal Depot
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Custom waterslide decals and stick-on vinyl transfer; pre-printed pattern sheets (brick, shingles, posters, etc.)

Pros: Excellent color density; sharp printing; good color rendition; white, silver, and gold available; thin-film vinyl
Cons: None
Marc Horovitz
Model Decal Depot sent us a package of examples of the company’ work for review. Included were both vinyl stick-on and waterslide decals.

Although the company does custom work, it has a line of its own products as well, including vinyl stick-ons of graffiti for application to railroad cars. These are particularly interesting because the graffiti designs are the real thing. Model Decal Depot is located near a railroad track and the company’s owner photographs actual railroad-car graffiti to turn into his vinyl stick-ons. The company also offers a variety of building-surface vinyl sheets (brick, corrugated-metal and stone siding, a variety of shingles, wood, and more), posters, circus advertising, and billboards, to name a few.

Vinyl transfers are printed on a thin vinyl that is UV safe for outdoor use. They are supplied with application instructions. Each design must be cut off the sheet with an X-acto knife or scissors, carefully trimmed close to the edge. The cut edge can then be colored with a marker, if desired, before the transfer is applied. A nice thing about these is that they are removable and are said to not damage rolling stock. If you put it on a little crooked, peel it off and try again.

The waterslide decals are of the traditional type and are printed on decal paper. Again, these must each be individually cut out before they can be applied. A variety of samples were sent for review. On all, the colors were vivid and opaque (including white). Gold and silver can also be done. Edges were crisp and clear and type was also clearly printed, down to sizes that could only be read with a magnifier. Since the customer supplies the artwork (though a design service is also available), the decals (both vinyl and waterslide) are scaleable to any size up to the limit of the maximum paper size.

Model Decal Depot’s products are of high quality, suitable for application to rolling stock, structures, signage, or what-have-you. If you would like to personalize or individualize your railway, custom-made graphics is a good way to do it. The company accepts PayPal or checks. Contact them for pricing.


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