Construction & Landscaping

Scratch building large scale structures with foam board and plastic sheeting

Structures made of foam board and plastic sheeting are economic and versatile
By Randy Mower
Published: March 30, 2006
The John A. Mower garage was rebuilt from a plywood shell and basswood siding using foam insulation board and plastic sheet siding
Photo by Randy Mower
The garage's siding and roof was falling apart and the doors had warped, so I decided to rebuild it using plastic foam board. Plastic foam board is pretty easy to work with. You can either cut the foam with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge, or you can cut it on a table saw. The blue foam board I use has a thin plastic vapor barrier on both sides, which I pealed off before assembly. The windows can be easily cut out with a knife and you can make a mockup of the building using finish nails to hold it together
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