Home remedies and natural pest control

Finding safer alternatives in the garden
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Birds, butterflies, and other wild creatures are more protected when you use “natural” pest controls, such as dishwashing liquid and insecticidal soaps in your railway garden. Coffee grounds are beneficial in helping to keep your plants healthy and able to resist pest attacks. The book, The Truth About Garden Remedies, by Jeff Gillman, is a wonderful guide to the “real story” behind natural garden remedies.
Joel Hayward
To my delight, I've learned that many garden railroaders are also avid backyard birdwatchers. This is not so strange a combination, since railroading and birdwatching are complementary forms of outdoor recreation. When it comes to getting rid of garden pests, we as birdwatchers realize we need to be more selective in our eradication methods. Birds and bugs are all part of the same wildlife system and what we spray on the bugs may eventually become part of the bird's breakfast, ultimately harming those creatures we want to protect and enjoy. Over the past few years, I've been exploring a variety of natural pest controls and thought I'd share some of what I've learned

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