Protecting your garden railway from pests

Tips on how to control pests on your plants
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Sometimes “pest-deterrent plants” aren't quite as effective as they're promoted to be. Tom Smith from Shelbyville, Michigan, tried gopher purge (Euphorbia lathyrus) as a chipmunk deterrent in his railroad. The plant, a relative of poinsettias, also contains a latex-like, milky sap, which can cause skin irritation on humans. In order to be effective on garden pests, however, the sap has to be ingested. Tom reports his chipmunks merely retreated to the other side of the railroad. The plants have since spread and, when kept pruned and combined with dwarf Alberta spruce, create an attractive “Valley of Tall Timbers” for his line.
Pat Hayward
Beware, all you brave and fearless garden railroaders. Invaders of all types and sizes, from microscopic invertebrates to mega-mammalians, are on the loose and headed for your greenery! With a summer invasion threatening, it's time to make your plan for "homeland security." Before officially declaring war, prepare your attack with these important steps:

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