Garden design and your garden railroad

The magic is in the details
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A front-yard scene during a Fourth of July celebration in the village of San Mateo circa the 1930s in Jack and Pauline Verducci’s Crystal Springs Railroad in San Mateo, California. Everything in this scene creates a cohesive sense of historical perspective, from the architecture of the house to the clothing of the characters. The carefully pruned trees, with their thickened, stocky trunks, also impart a sense of age and history. In this time period, little space was wasted and it was common to plant fruit trees in the front yard, something we would seldom consider today. Cotoneasters make believable “apple” trees because their fruit is nearly in scale with the rest of the scene.
Pat Hayward
Have you ever noticed how some garden railroads seem so wonderfully put together, while others a little less so? Sometimes you can't put your finger on it, but you get the feeling that the whole thing just "works."

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