Make magnificent mountains

Build your own mountain range with these extra photos and a list of resources
Wayne Wesoloski
In the Summer 2019 issue, author Wayne Wesoloski documents a mountain-making method perfect by Gary Martin in the Phoenix area. We had more photos and resources than we could fit into the print magazine, so we're sharing them here!
Get some friends together and make mountains!
Wayne Wesoloski
Tips for peak performance

• Model any mountain or rock formation you wish. Wikipedia has a list of rock formations around the world, many with photographs.

• Look at the color(s) of rock you wish you model. Refer to reference photographs for inspiration.

• When “mountaineering,” don’t work during extreme heat, as you don’t want the stucco mix to dry out too quickly.

• Mixing the stucco goes more quickly if you use a large paint mixing paddle mounted on a power drill.

• Don’t feel you need to complete this project in one day. You can do a few feet at a time and not make this a monumental project.

• If you do want to get more work done in one day, make it a party! Invite friends, family, or fellow club members to join in the fun.
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This frame section is covered with hardware cloth instead of filled with foam pieces. Use heavy gloves when working with this material, as it has sharp edges.
Wayne Wesoloski
Add a small amount of concrete or stucco coloring to create a base color for your mountains. Coloring is available in powder and concentrated liquid at hardware stores.
Wayne Wesoloski
Prepare several strips of burlap and roll them up. Use scissors or a hacksaw to easily cut the burlap.
Wayne Wesoloski


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