Model Rectifier's multi gauge/scale 220-watt power pack

High-powered power pack for garden railroads
Scott Anderson

Multi gauge/scale 220-watt power pack
Model Rectifier Corporation
80 Newfield Ave.
Edison NJ 08837-3817
Price: $219.98
Web site:

High-power power pack designed for large-railroads; capable of providing up to 10 amps at 22V; large, heavy, plastic case; oversize throttle handle; power and overload indicator; power on/off switch; large direction switch
Pros: Plenty of power for any railroad; easy-to-read graphics; large handle is easy to grip; large hook-up terminals; solid, well-made unit
Cons: Loose-fitting handle
Model Rectifier Corporation has supplied power packs to model railroaders for as long as I can remember. They are noted for solid, powerful units that have fine throttle control. MRC's entry into the large-scale market builds on this reputation with the introduction of the Power G power pack, an impressive unit that weighs in it at 10 pounds. For those of us who measure value by weight, this is good value! Everything about the Power G is large. The sturdy plastic unit has an 8" x 6" footprint and stands 6 1/2" high. There are two indicator lights; one glows yellow when the power is on and the other glows a warning red if an overload occurs. Both of these LEDs are large, bright, and easily seen.

The throttle handle is of generous proportions, but is the most disappointing element of the unit's construction. It is supplied separate from the unit and, when assembled by the buyer, proves to be a loose, wobbly fit. The instructions advise that a piece of tape wrapped around the metal shaft will correct this issue. For reversing direction, a large metal bat-lever toggle switch is firmly mounted. Four large, knurled, wire terminals provide power to the rails and 22V accessory hook ups.

A voltmeter was hooked up to measure the voltage with a load and with no load. I ran two LGB Porters for the load. There was very little variation from a load/no load reading. The DC output is from 0V to 22.2V. I could not stall the locomotives or otherwise provide enough load to measure maximum current. I tried shorting the power pack with a screwdriver, but the overload protection kicked-in and nulled my measurement. I think it's safe to say that this power pack with run far more locomotives at once than most people would want to run.

The throttle level moves smoothly through the speed range. Level travel is around 100 1/4. The speed segments are printed in sharp, opaque white graphics. The printed range is from 10 mph to 100 mph, broken down into 10 mph primary marks and 2 1/2 mph secondary ticks. I measured the voltage every 10 mph and found that the steps through the range are smooth. My locomotives started smoothly at about the 18 mph mark and crawled along slowly and smoothly at about the 22.5 mph setting.

The fixed voltage at the accessory terminals measured 21.6V. A lot of accessories operate at lower voltages than this, so some may require regulating the power to a lower voltage.

Model Rectifier Corporation's Power G is a quality product and should find acceptance within the large-scale community. High power, high quality, and a reasonable price are a combination that is hard to beat.


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