YardGlove barrier lotion

Marc Horovitz

YardGlove barrier lotion
Up Country Products, Ltd.
7910 Greylock Drive
Cincinnati OH 45243
Price: $8.95 per four-ounce bottle
Web site: www.yardglove.com

Hand lotion to protect from natural and man-made compounds and irritants; natural ingredients; makes cleanup quicker and easier
Pros: Greaseless; non-toxic; does not penetrate the skin; helps protect against poison ivy
Cons: None
YardGlove Barrier Lotion was first introduced in 2003. Of the two key ingredients, beeswax is the primary barrier component, while oatmeal moisturizes and conditions the skin.

Working with miniature plants, tiny weeds, small cracks and crevices, and in-scale scenes all demand precision maintenance that is most difficult when wearing cumbersome gloves. As the day wears on, even my favorite lightweight nitrile gloves seem to grow longer fingers that get in the way.

The product directions are accurate in that only a dime-size dollop is required. After application, instead of feeling greasy, your hands have a smooth, powdery feel. You really do forget you've done anything different and can just enjoy sprucing up your railway without constantly tugging gloves back in place. The product info says soap and water will remove the barrier and that water alone has no affect. I did reapply the lotion after rinsing my hands off a couple of times.

When clean-up time came, I was skeptical. I lathered up with a liquid kitchen soap and then did a light pass with a fingernail brush. It was a pleasant surprise to find that so little effort was required to clean even the most difficult areas around my nails and cuticles. During the course of the day, I handled a freshly stained wood bridge, patched a leak in a stream with Concrete Quick Patch, and base-coated a new structure with acrylic paint. All of these materials washed right off.

The product does what is promised. It protects your hands and it makes cleanup much easier.


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