All Terrain Knee Pads

From Tommyco Knee Pads, Inc.
Ed Frey

All Terrain Knee Pads
Tommyco Knee Pads, Inc.
12202 Old Yale Road
Surrey BC V3V 3X5 Canada
Price: Check with local garden centers
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Plastic and foam knee pads for gardeners; detatchable guards for rough surfaces
Pros: Comfortable protection for knees in a wide range of conditions; adjustable straps with hook/loop fabric closures are easy to fit and remove; snap-on plastic knee guards provide extra protection on rough and irregular surfaces
Cons: Concern with that prolonged use, straps may stretch too long for fasteners to be used effectively
wet grass, mud, rock, and other surfaces that leave us messed up and aching when a project is done. Knee pads make sense, but how many of us actually use them while working in hobby settings?

Tommyco's #GT507 All Terrain Knee Pads are an accessory that belongs in every ground-level railway gardener's toolbox. They are a treat for knees, young or old. The inner pads are molded in a high-density foam material, lined with a tough, non-slip inner fabric. They are lightweight and flexible, while sturdy enough for frequent use. A special feature is a pair of tough, flexible plastic guards that snap onto the front of the inner pads. They feature a lug-pattern tread grips irregular surfaces and provides additional protection and comfort. I found these especially useful while working on gravel and rock, which would quickly tear up conventional foam pads. They are easy to snap off and reattach if clean-up is needed.

The knee pads are held in place by a pair of 11/4"-wide elasticized straps, fastened at the ends with hook/loop pads. Thus, "one size fits all," and putting them on and taking them off could hardly be easier. These are much more comfortable than other pads I've used with non-elastic straps, which tended to dig in and cut off circulation. The only reservation I have is that I noticed that the straps tended to stretch out with prolonged use, particularly when worn over a pair of jeans. Given a few hours of rest, they seem to return to their previous length, but I wonder how long they'll do that.

I would consider these pads to be in a middle range of functionality-much better than cheap, flimsy foam pads, but not as cumbersome or robust as commercial, heavy-duty gel-filled types. They are ideal for our needs and my aging knees truly appreciate my using them!


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