OXO quick-release bulb planter

Jim Forbes
Jim Forbes

Quick-release bulb planter
OXO International
75 Ninth Avenue, Fifth Floor
New York NY 10011
Price: $12.99
Web site: www.oxo.com

Chrome plated, carbon-steel bulb planter with non-slip handle; pull lever under handle releases soil plug; 6" x 2.5" x 9.25"
Pros: Comfortable, easy-to-grip handle; convenient pull lever releases soil plug back into hole; solid, durable design
Cons: Soil occasionally gets stuck in pull-lever mechanism and needs to be dislodged
OXO's latest release in their garden-tool line is this bulb planter. I had some tulip bulbs that needed replanting, so I put this tool to the test.

This is one hefty tool. (According to the company's web site, it weighs 1 lb. 4 oz.) I grabbed the soft-grip handle and pushed it into the soil. The soil I was working in was compact and dry, and I found that the tool worked better when I twisted it as I pushed it into the ground. A handy measuring guide is stamped onto the outside of the planter to ensure correct depth. I pulled out the soil plug and placed a bulb into the hole.
The best part of this planter is its release handle, located just under the main handle. Pull, and the tool opens, releasing the soil back into the hole. Neat! I have another, big-box-store planter that requires you to squeeze the sides of the tool to release the soil. The pulling action of OXO's tool is more ergonomically designed. After planting about two dozen bulbs, my hands did not feel fatigued.

I do have one complaint. After making several holes, soil found its way into the release mechanism near the base of the tool, preventing the base from closing completely, causing the soil to spill out instead of forming a plug. Every few holes, I had to wipe off the sides of the tool.

If you're planting a lot of bulbs, you might want to use a full-size shovel. If you're planting just a few or don't mind wiping off the tool occasionally, give the OXO a try.


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