Bucket Bagger Plus

Tommyco Knee Pads Inc. organizer
Ed Frey

Bucket Bagger Plus
Tommyco Knee Pads, Inc.
12202 Old Yale Road
Surrey BC V3V 3X5
Price: Check with local garden centers
Web site: www.kneepads.com

Fabric tool holder to be used in conjunction with a five-gallon paint bucket; pockets, large and small, to carry a variety of tools and supplies
Pros: Sturdily constructed bucket accessory with multiple pockets; well suited for carrying typical garden tools, supplies, and accessories; fits well around a standard five-gallon plastic bucket, providing lots of capacity for trimmings, weeds, etc.
Cons: None
I often need to venture deep into the interior of my railway garden for weeding, planting, trimming, and thinning. Typically, I have had a bucket in hand for trimmings, and tools bristling from every conceivable pocket and belt loop. More than once I have punctured myself. More frequently, I find that, after having gone through contortions to get myself in there, I've forgotten something I really needed. Tommyco's "Bucket Bagger Plus" has proven to be an effective safeguard against future sutures and brain lapses.

The Bucket Bagger is similar to other products designed for use with carpentry tools, etc., but has pockets better suited to carrying the kinds of tools we gardeners use most frequently in our specialized chores. It is constructed of sturdy tan-and-olive canvas, with stout seams, a sturdy nylon lining, and a rigid plastic insert to support the bottom of a standard five-gallon bucket. The bucket slips snugly into the bagger and can be easily removed for periodic dumping of accumulated debris. A pair of canvas handle straps makes carrying the equipment an easy task. This accessory is made to last for years of use.

There are eleven pockets around the perimeter, providing ample room for a variety of tools and other necessities. Two of the pockets are insulated, with zippered top flaps, and each will hold two 12-oz. cans of your favorite beverage. There are two zippered, clear-plastic pouches, well suited for carrying seed packets, markers, tags, and other small items. Two mesh pockets have proven useful for carrying small tools and gloves. The five remaining pockets are sized to carry a variety of larger tools, like pruners, trowels, bonsai cutters, or whatever else you typically use. I like to have a train running while I'm working, so I've reserved one pocket for my R/C transmitter. You could conceivably carry track tools and supplies as well.

I have found the "Bucket Bagger Plus" to be an indispensable aid while working around my railway. It brings together all of the things I typically use and makes for a more enjoyable session, since I know I won't have to make so many trips in and out of the tight spots. I recommend it without reservation.


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