Small freight platform

Styrene platform from Reindeer Pass
Small freight platform
Reindeer Pass
3665 NW 98th Ave
Polk City IA 50226
Price: $9.95

Styrene freight ramp; ready to paint. Dimensions: 10 3/4" x 3 1⁄8" x 1 3/4"

Pros: Sturdy construction, suitable for all scales

Cons: None
Throughout most of railroading history, railroads had what were called “team tracks.” These were short spurs, typically near depots or industrial areas, where the railroad would spot freight cars for local merchants to load and unload goods. You might find a small ramp next to these tracks to make it easier to manage the freight. Reindeer Pass’s freight ramp is designed to be placed on a short spur to provide an “instant industry” for your railroad to serve.

This small freight ramp measures 10 3/4" long by 3 1/8" wide. It stands 1 3/4" tall when set flat on the ground but can be sunk into the ballast to match the height of freight cars on the track. The platform is made from Gator Board, which is foam laminated between styrene outer sheets. On the top surface of the platform the company has laminated Precision Products’ simulated wood planking, vacuum-formed sheets to give the platform the look of a wood deck. The ramp comes primed in gray, which is a good base upon which to paint it. (I’d use a mix of brown and tan acrylics.)

I have a barn on my railroad that’s built of this same material, which has been outside for five or so years, so I have little doubt that this freight ramp will be able to stand up to the elements on a long-term basis. It is sturdily built but, being foam and styrene, is fairly light in weight. If you intend to use this freight platform in a permanent installation, I suggest gluing wire “spikes” to the legs, which could then be pressed into the ground. Overall, this is a quick and easy way to add an industry and a focal point to your line.


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