Proxxon longneck angle grinder

New handheld tool from Proxxon
Marc Horovitz
Longneck angle grinder
Proxxon Tools
PO Box 1909
Hickory NC 28603
Price: $146.90

Hand held, longneck angle grinder; glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide and metal housing; adjustable safety guard; 115V; variable speed, 3,300-13,000 rpm; 2"-diameter cutters and sanders; one 60 grit, aluminum-oxide grinding disc, one flap disc, and one cut-off wheel included; comes in a plastic toolbox; owner’s manual; variety of accessories available

Small, powerful, versatile tool; well designed and well made; feels good in the hand; variable speed via a knob; easy-to-change discs; wide range of applications
Cons: None
Marc Horovitz
Marc Horovitz
I have in hand another of Proxxon’s excellent tools for model builders and small shops. This time it is their longneck angle grinder (#38 544). The tool is around 101/2" long and comes with a power cord that’s close to eight feet long. The tool is equipped with both an on/off switch and a speed-control dial. Thus, if you set the speed, then turn it off, when it is turned back on, the previous speed setting is maintained.

The basic tool is supplied in a sturdy plastic toolbox. It comes with an owner’s manual, a coarse flap disc for sanding, a grinding wheel, a cut-off wheel, and an allen wrench for changing the wheels. Changing the wheels is simple: hold down the lock button, unscrew the retaing screw, remove the old disc, and replace it with the new one. The discs are all around 2" in diameter. The blade guard can be rotated to any position but this requires an Allen wrench smaller than that supplied.

A variety of accessories were also sent for review. These include 80-grit sanding discs (#28 549; 12/$6.75), 120-grit sanding discs (#28 550; 12/$6.75), medium sanding fleece (#28 554; 5/$10.90), and fine sanding fleece (#28 555; 5/$10.90). All of the above come with a loop-pile backing that attaches to a hooked backing disc (#28 548; $7.90), which is what is fastened to the machine. Also available is a 60 grit, silicon-carbide grinding wheel (#28 587; $5.30).

I plugged the unit in and turned it on. It runs smoothly but there is a fair amount of gear noise, as is typical with angle grinders. The instruction manual suggests ear protection when running the machine at higher speeds. The on/off switch and the speed-control knob are side by side at the the lower end of the tool, conveniently out of the way when you’re working with it. The grinder is well balanced and easy to handle with one hand.

I tested the tool on a variety of different materials. It performed as advertised. Since it is not battery powered, it has plenty of torque, even for fairly tough jobs. The grinding wheels are best used on ferrous metal. They can also be used to sharpen knives and other pointy tools.

The flap disc is fairly coarse. On a piece of pine, it removed wood at a good rate, making shaping easy. Because the tool is relatively small and light, doing fairly detailed work is not difficult. Also, I found this disc to be an excellent paint remover, especially on metal.

To use the other sanding discs, the backing disc had to be installed. Once that was in place, adding my choice of sanding medium was just a matter of sticking it on or peeling it off. The hook-and-loop pile held the discs securely. The sanding fleece, as they are called, are Brillo-like discs of fluffy sanding medium. Two different grits were supplied—medium and fine. These seemed to work best on metal parts. The sandpaper discs—80 and 120 grit—can be used anywhere you’d normally use sandpaper, for shaping, smoothing, or paint removal.

This is a well-made and useful tool. The speed-control knob works well and having a separate on/off switch is an asset. If your work requires a tool of this nature, Proxxon’s excellent angle grinder is definitely one to consider.


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