USA Trains Premier Line no 6 code 332 turnouts

Solid construction, simple-to-connect track switches
Bill Zuback

Facts & Features

USA Trains
662 Cross Street
Malden, MA 02148

Price: $219.95

All-metal frog
Brass rail
Built-in micro switch for reversing polarity of frog
Illuminated dwarf signal with red and green aspects
Length, 36"
Switch-control box with illuminated red and green indicator lights
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Ultraviolet protected simulated wood ties
Bill Zuback
Bill Zuback
Bill Zuback
Bill Zuback
The USA Trains Premier Line now includes left- and right-hand no. 6 code 332 remote turnouts. These turnouts are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and feature solid brass rail, ultraviolet-protected crossties, an illuminated dwarf signal with red and green aspects, and a switch control box with illuminated light-emitting-diode (LED) indicator lights.

Each turnout measures 36" and includes three factory-installed brass rail joiners secured with track screws. A hex head screwdriver, three additional track screws (secured to the underside of a tie below the wing rails with wax), and four insulated rail joiners are also included.

The brass rail has a realistic profile with a well-defined head, web, and base. The hinged points seat tightly against the stock rails. The frog is a separate brass casting. Attached from below is a micro switch that changes the polarity of the frog depending on the route alignment. The brass guardrails help guide wheel flanges through the turnout.

The plastic ties (5⁄16" x 7⁄16") are molded in black, featuring woodgrain detail with molded tie plates and spikes. Six of the ties have factory-drilled holes used to anchor the track to roadbed with screws.

Adjacent to the points, Phillips-head screws secure a 2½" x 7⅛" plastic box to the ends of four different crossties. This box houses the switch solenoid and lights for the dwarf signal, the latter attached with screws to the top of the box. The turnout can be manually operated by removing the press-fit cover protruding from the top of the box.

The tethered switch control box measures 2 3/16" x 3 1/8" and has red and green LEDs, two control buttons, and three connectors. The smaller connectors, each 7⁄8" square, are the “A” connectors. The pre-wired (3' length with black and red 24AWG leads) “A” connector routes 18V AC power from accessory terminals on a transformer. The unwired “A” connector can be used to power a second switch control box. The “B” connector (3' length), 7⁄8" x 13⁄8", powers the switch solenoid and aspects on the dwarf signal.

Out of the box, the turnout was lined for the main (through) route. After wiring the “A” connector to the AC terminals on a small power pack, the LED on the switch control box and the aspect on the dwarf signal both displayed green. Pressing the control box button adjacent to the red LED promptly and lined the turnout for the curved (diverging) route, illuminated the red LED, and changed the signal to red.

To test operation over the turnout, I ran a PIKO America GE 25-ton switcher and a MTH GE Dash 8-40CW diesel through the main and diverging routes. Both the short-wheelbase industrial switcher and six-axle locomotive passed through the turnouts at slow, moderate, and high speeds without incident.

Although long-term durability in an outdoor setting could not be assessed at this time, the USA Trains no. 6 code 332 remote-control turnouts are well constructed and easy to install. Provided you have the space to accommodate 3' track sections, these turnouts make it simple to add a crossover or a yard to your railroad.


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