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Building a T-Trak module | Installing signs and poles

David Popp’s scenery work is whittling down to assembling and placing various road signs and line poles on the N scale (1:160) T-Trak module
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CPKC Final Spike Steam Tour | Upper Midwest Chase staff members (Lucas Iverson, Bryson Sleppy, Sean Kirby, and others) chase and pace Canadian Pacific No. 2816 at various locations in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.
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Trains Trackside | Amtrak Superliner Cars

The recent shortage of Amtrak long-distance sleeper cars has hoisted the venerable Superliner equipment into the spotlight again. Catch a glimpse of the current fleet in this exclusive Trains Trackside video.
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Ask | May 2024 Compilation

Host Cody Grivno addresses viewer questions on a wide range of topics spanning from toy trains to modeling to prototype railroad operations.
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Spaces to Places | Highway construction, part 5

Catch up with Gerry Leone's off-camera preliminary efforts, before following his technique for making authentic roads and streets using medium-grit sandpaper.
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Trains LIVE | Rail news analysis with Bill Stephens

In this episode of Trains LIVE, Bill Stephens, Trains business analyst, reports on the most significant railroad business events, providing perspective on how the events impact the companies, labor, shippers and consumers.
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Olympia & Sand Creek, Sidetrack Ep. 4 | A horse apiece

Back on the sidetrack, David resumes construction of the drivers, plus the horses and mules used to pull the various wagons and carts he’ll place into his On30 layout scenes.
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Classic Trains Film Archive | J. David Ingles Reel 464

Explore the Illinois Terminal system in this full-color, cab ride video captured aboard a Peoria-bound freight with three new 2300-series SD39 diesel locomotives in charge!
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Train Simulator | Train Sim World 4 Overview talent Bryson Sleppy delves into the immersive world of Train Sim World 4, released in September 2023.
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In The Workshop | Repairing water-damaged locomotives

Walk through the process of evaluating a flood-damaged model, before working the steps required to get it back into full operation.
Watch Now! Video BONUS | Behind Big Skies & Iron Rails

In this extended-length episode, you’ll get a rare, insider’s glimpse at what it takes to get trackside amidst wintry, windswept mountains of Montana.
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Exclusive Layout Tour | David Parks' Cumberland West in HO scale

David Parks shares his large HO scale layout built to combine elements of the Baltimore & Ohio and Western Maryland railroads as they operated in 1953 in Cumberland, Maryland.
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Overhead view of railroad diamond crossing.

Rochelle, Ill., Railroad Webcam

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