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Conrail 1980s HO scale layout discussion

Dave talks about Conrail, Penn Central, New York Central, Pennsylvania, and other railroads and how Conrail became a time of optimism for railroading
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Trains Trackside | Canadian Pacific in the Rocky Mountains

Even as news of the CP and KCS merger continues to break, the rails through the Canadian Rockies remain active. Catch a glimpse of the enduring battle along the CP Transcon – Man & Machine vs. Mountains!
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Layout Visits | Rick Abramson’s New York, New Haven & Hartford in HO scale

In this exclusive video tour of an HO scale (1:87.1) model railroad based on New Haven operations in the 1950s and ‘60s, you’ll get to see close-up views of a masterfully detailed display!
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Spaces to Places IV | Town development, part 1

There’s a new place in the making on Gerry Leone’s Bona Vista HO scale layout! Watch as he plans and plots out the details of a small, rail-served community he calls “Westcott”.
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Big Skies & Iron Rails | Crude Oil Trains

Railroads move a significant volume of crude oil, so it’s no surprise that Tom Danneman frequently frames these extensive unit trains traversing the expansive American West.
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TrainsLIVE | The Center for Railroad Photography & Art

If the old saying — a picture is worth a thousand words — holds true, then how many words can be said about thousands of pictures? For this episode of Trains LIVE we are in Madison, Wis., visiting the archive facility of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art.
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Olympia & Sand Creek | Time for trackwork

Host David Popp has the track and cork roadbed in hand, so he’s all set for trackwork! Following good construction processes, David first surveys the various sites where tracks will route.
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Man in front of a video screen. Video is here!

We’re announcing the release of the all-new Video. This is the new home for the best modeling and railfanning video content including special series, how-to videos, product reviews, and more, on a site that’s easy to navigate.
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Overhead view of railroad diamond crossing.

Rochelle, Ill., Railroad Webcam

Our exclusive feed from Rochelle, Ill., where BNSF and Union Pacific mainlines cross. Workshop Webcam

Watch our staff in action as they work on projects throughout the shop.